#The #Way to #wear the #scarf like #Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).


#The #Way to #wear the #scarf like #Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).

New blog time.

Due to this one not being used for anything useful in months as well as being merrily bombarded by a lady that wants me sad and buried, I’ve got a proper one up and running.

It’s got some of my own work on there and then whatever else I like the look of and reblog.

Message me and I’ll get to following.

Anonymous asked: Seriously Adam, I don't even want to think about you anymore and I certainly don't need you defending me. Fuck off.

Yeah ok, now tell me something that only she would know. When you can’t do that, go back to being yourself louise. That was just lame.

Anonymous asked: If you want to keep ignoring me then that's fine but it'll just mean I have to turn my attention to Elli again.

Please, She’s ten times the person you could ever be so just try that and she’ll grind you into the dirt like you’re nothing.

Anonymous asked: You don't get to just blow me off, that's not how this works. I know you get an email when a question gets sent so don't think you can just pretend to ignore me, I'm not through l with you. What makes you think you're so much better than everyone else because I've got news for you - you're not.

Alright fine. First off, I assumed the whole fuck off and die thing was the end of it and second, I’ve never said I’m better than everyone else because I’m not so I dunno where you got that idea from.

Anonymous asked: I hope you do die early and I hope it hurts. You're a waste of both oxygen and my time. The sooner you're gone, the better.

Well then, I guess we’re done here. Goodbye forever Louise or Mark or whatever it is you’re calling yourself. Have a nice life and your house and whatever.

Anonymous asked: Oh honey, you still don't get it do you? I might complain about my office but I'm going to be earning twice your pay in a few years, get a nice house with people that love me. My life is going to be amazing. You, however, are going to end up dying sad, old and alone.

Well okay but I’d rather do a fun job and not get paid as much than get paid more but hate every second of it. So you have fun with that.

My life won’t involve you and yours won’t involve me so as nice as it sounds I really don’t care what you do with yours. The chances of me dying old are pretty slim, I’ll more than likely die early doing something stupid and with a smile on my face ;]

Anonymous asked: Ok, no, sorry, you don't have any reason to be in a good mood. Your 'friend' has blocked you and told you to fuck off, you can't talk to her, You're stuck in a pathetic job going nowhere, I've been using you ever since I first started talking to you. What the hell do you have to feel good about?

Well now you are in a pleasant mood and I thought you’d cheer up after unveiling your grand plan last week but If you’re still trying to make me feel bad then you’re gonna have to try alot harder than that. 

I can’t talk to her, but I brought that upon myself.
I’m pretty damn happy with my job whereas I remember you bitching constantly about your little office.
You’ve wasted hell knows how many months playing around just to “wreck me” and you failed that spectacularly so now I know what your true colours are, you can’t try again.

Remind me why it’s me that should feel bad about life.

Anonymous asked: You're not going to talk to me on fb but how about on here then hmm?

I’m in a pretty good mood so fine, what do you have to say?

7 years friendship, 4 months relationship then in just 2 weeks it feels like I’ve practically sunk the ship. I really hope this works out.